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Full Day Unit + Driver + bbm 750,000-, / day

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357RENTCAR also has a car unit that is rarely rented, for example this one unit is Wuling which is arguably quite intelligent in concocting interior materials. In fact, the upper dashboard is covered with soft touch pads,   but the part that leads to the glass is just plain plastic.

Entering the cabin, we are presented with a dual tone theme and a broad impression on the Wuling Cortez interior. The manufacturer has also used a  soft touch  or leather layer. Yes, even though there are some details that are not neat, especially in   certain storage areas .

The premium impression doesn’t stop there, the door is also embedded with leather with stitch accents. Just above it, wood panels are also embedded with stitch accents too. If you look at the interior appearance of the car, the design is so thick with European nuances.

Especially for the driver, this 7-inch MID feature is fairly complete. Starting from individual tire pressure,  dual trip meters , average and real time fuel consumption  digital speedometer , to total driving time and distance that can be traveled.

The sunroof feature   is now not a monopoly on luxury or upper-middle cars, many medium cars are starting to use it. Sunroof  can be useful as an alternative feature for air circulation. When the air in the cabin is too stuffy,  sunroof  can be useful to help circulate air besides the door windows.

Another luxury car feature at cheap car prices in the Cortez cabin is the Convenient Electric Front Seat Adjuster. Language trivial  anyway , regulator seat electrically, but this is only in the front seats only. It’s a responsibility, but it can’t be helped because the price is also the cheapest in the mid-MPV segment.





Cortez’s dimensions are 4,780 mm long, 1,816 mm wide and 1,755 mm high. This makes the cabin even to the very back row so relieved. Unlike Confero, there are three  headrests  in the third row.

This Wuling Cortez was made as a large MPV that prioritizes comfort, even up to the third row seats.  This Wuling Cortez third row seat alias  recline can be changed in a quite flexible position. It can be made upright, or you want it to be more flat, no problem.

The problem of features also really spoils passengers on each line. Until the third line, the  storage  and features provided are arguably abundant. The AC blower is separate from the middle passenger and there are three vents, one for each passenger.

There is a 5V / 2.5A USB port to recharge the  passenger  smartphone at the very back. As for the storage side  , behind each middle seat there is a pocket and on either side there is  mini  storage . Eid homecoming with family members from hometown is not a problem, as long as there are still seats available in the car.

It feels like there will be no end to discussing this Wuling Cortez feature. There are so many embedded features, it feels like this is ‘over spec’ for a medium MPV at a very low price.

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