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Sewa & Rental Mobil Elf Long Chassis 19 seat di Surabaya

Paket dan harga Sewa & Rental Mobil Elf Long Chassis 19 seat di Surabaya

Full Day + Driver 1.100.000

Deskripsi Mobil Sewa & Rental Mobil Elf Long Chassis 19 seat di Surabaya

Rental & Rental Car Elf Long Chassis 19 seats in Surabaya


Leasing elf surabaya long chassis 19 seats is a solution for those of you who are residents of Surabaya who need a vehicle with the ability to carry up to 19 passengers. This car can be used for tourism purposes, pilgrimage, wedding groups, school events, airport transfers and so on. Great payload and COMFORTABLE cabin are the reasons why this car is so popular

When a private car feels too small to carry a number of groups and the bus feels too big, then deciding to use the Elf 19 seat Surabaya car rental service is the solution to these two problems. With all the advantages and benefits of the elf long chassis

357 Rent Car also serves elf car rental Surabaya committed to meeting the needs of the community for a vehicle that is SAFE, COMFORTABLE and has a large carrying capacity. Our commitment to continue to be your TRAVEL FRIEND is a whip to provide quality transportation services. With experienced, friendly drivers is one of the advantages that we try to present to you. For the performance of our fleet, there is no need to doubt because our fleet always carries out regular maintenance every month.

There is no need to bother using smartphones on the way to use our elves, because our elves are equipped with cellphone chargers for the convenience of tenants while traveling.

• AC


Get the experience of renting a 19 seat elf long chassis comfortably and safely with aka 357 rent car.

ELF LONG 19 SEAT. : RP.1.100.000 / FULL day (especially IN SURABAYA CITY)




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Rental Mobil Surabaya - Sewa Mobil Surabaya
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