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Rental car Mitsubishi Xpander Surabaya


357 Rent Car Surabaya has a quite popular fleet, the Mitsubishi Expander 2018, this car has a dashing and futuristic exterior and luxurious interior design . We can see the luxurious impression on the interior of this car with the use of good interior materials and a modern dashboard design with a panel layout that is so neat and nice. The body Expander size is the largest in its class so this MPV car has the largest dimensions. If we compare it to the Avanza , the length of the Mitsubishi Expander is 28.5 cm longer and 9 cm wide. Of course, a large body size will create a spacious, comfortable and comfortable cabin space.

The expander has a quality suspension to support driving comfort. The suspension on the Expander is so stable, that the suspension will harden when passing a smooth road but will be soft if it goes through an uneven road. The high ground clearance size makes it easier for drivers when driving in various road characters, without having to fear the car body collides with the asphalt so that this car has a wider cruising range.

The expander that is rented at the Surabaya car rental has a large engine power so that this car can go at a maximum speed of 120Ps @ 6000Rpm with a torque of 145Nm @ 4000RPM.

Safety features are also owned by the Expander, namely dual airbags which function to withstand a hard impact in the event of a collision on the front and a complete braking system, the Avanza and Ertiga are only supported by the ABS and EBD features, but for the braking features embedded in the Mitsubishi Expander, namely ABS, EBD and BA.

This is a brief review of the Expander car for rent at the Surabaya 357 rent car rental car, I hope it helps you


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