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Rental mobil Suzuki All New Ertiga  2018 di Surabaya

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Rental car Suzuki All New Ertiga 2018 in Surabaya

Rental car Suzuki All New Ertiga 2018 in Surabaya . The 2018 Suzuki All New Ertiga is very sporty and cool. Suzuki All New Ertiga with a capacity of 5 people or more. Get good service and the best price by renting a Suzuki All New Ertiga 2018 at the best car rental in Surabaya ” 357 Rent Car


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The advantages of the 2nd Generation Suzuki All New Ertiga at


More Relieved Cabin

With the increase in dimensions to 13 cm longer and 5 cm wider, Ertiga’s cabin relief is significantly increased. Provides spacious and comfortable leg room and shoulder room.

The exterior design is more elegant and modern

The change in the exterior design of the second generation Ertiga is more elegant. Not a few reviewers said the face of the 2018 Ertiga has the feel of a Toyota Innova reborn , while the rear looks like Xpander. At least various modern fittings have been embedded, such as projector and LED lights.

Interior design is more luxurious

The interior of the second generation Suzuki Ertiga has completely changed, the dashboard and door trim design looks more luxurious with glossy wood panels. The chair design also looks better than the previous generation.
The third seat feels softer and more luxurious than competitors such as the Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia and Honda Mobilio.

Soft suspension

The Ertiga suspension is comfortable and soft, so that the swing of this car when passing through potholes and bumpy roads still makes passengers comfortable. The Ertiga suspension can be compared to a Medium MPV like the Toyota Innova.

Good Build Quality

The interior of the Ertiga 2018 still maintains the quality of the previous generation. It looks neat, the gaps are consistent and the quality of the good material feels thick and sturdy.

Projector lamp + LED DRL

The modern impression on the face of this low MPV Suzuki is felt by the presence of a projector head-lamp and LED on the rear lamp.

The engine is more powerful

Suzuki upgraded the 2018 Ertiga engine to 1.5L or to be precise 1,462cc which made its power increase significantly to 107 PS from only 92 PS previously. With this amount of power, the Ertiga is on the same level as the Avanza, Xenia and Xpander.

Abundant Features

Features have been the mainstay of the Suzuki Ertiga since its presence in Indonesia, so that various advanced features are maintained. The following is a list of the features of the Suzuki Ertiga 2018:

  • The cup holder in the center console is equipped with a chiller function (cooling from the AC spray)
  • Vehicel Stability Control (Type GX-ESP)
  • ABS + EBD (GX) brakes
  • Push Start-Stop Engine Button (GX)
  • Smart Entry
  • Immobilizer
  • 6.8 inch touch screen (GX) head unit
  • Rear Parking Cammera (GX)
  • Parking Sensors
  • Double blower air conditioner
  • Driver Seat Adjuster
  • Tilt Steering
  • Isofix
  • Dual Airbags
  • Power outlets in front and second cab


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