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Paket dan harga Rental mobil Toyota Alphard Transformer Surabaya

Full Day + Driver 2.300.000

Deskripsi Mobil Rental mobil Toyota Alphard Transformer Surabaya

Toyota Alphard Transformer Surabaya car rental

Toyota Alphard  is one of the best cars owned by , this Toyota car is equipped with sophisticated and classy features. This Toyota Alphard is a family car that is equipped with premium aspects that are certainly reliable. This Toyota Alphard has an upscale market segmentation that offers luxury, comfort and safety for the driver. This car is guaranteed to provide extra comfort starting from the use of number one quality interior materials. On each passenger seat there is a partition between the seats. This car is also equipped with an adjustable air conditioning control for each passenger seat. For the steering part uses the Rack and Pinion type with EPC which makes it easier for the driver when driving the car. The advantages of the Toyota Alphard are not only limited to the exterior, but also the interior. In line with its large size, this car has a spacious cabin and can accommodate 7 passengers.


This Toyota Alphard Surabaya car  has dimensions of 4,850 x 1,830 x 1,890 mm which makes this car feel roomy with a storage tank capacity of 65 liters. The suspension system used in this car is the MacPherson Strut at the front and the Torsion Beam at the rear. Meanwhile, the braking system uses a Ventilated disc type at the front and a Solid Disc at the rear. The braking features include ABS, EBD, BA, VSC and TRC which provide a high level of safety for the driver and passengers.

This car features Plasmacluster AC which will filter out dust and negative ions. Meanwhile, the entertainment features provided in this car are quality audio and visuals that will accompany you along the way. Toyota Alphard is equipped with 7 airbags per seat which will function automatically when an accident occurs, minimizing the risk of a hard collision. The features of this car are ABS, EBD, BA, VSC and TRC which will work optimally and can prevent wheel locking when the driver makes sudden brakes.


Ten Advantages of Toyota Alphard

  • Ventilated disc (front) and Solid Disc (rear) braking system
  • Equipped with Radio, VCD, Div-X, ACC, WMA, IPOD, USB, MP3, Bluetooth and AUX-in Driving indicator which is environmentally friendly.
  • high-tech safety and security features
  • Luxurious exterior design
  • Driving comfort
  • First class seats with a capacity of 7-8 passengers
  • Facilities include DVD, Plasmacluster AC, and ACO.
  • Engine with tough performance but fuel efficient
  • Complete interior design with the best features
  • MacPherson Strut suspension at the front and Torsion Beam at the rear.



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