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Rental mobil Toyota Hiace di Surabaya

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Full Day Unit + Driver + bbm 1.250.000
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Toyota Hiace car rental in Surabaya


Toyota Hiace car rental in Surabaya . has advantages in terms of design and comfort for passengers in the cabin. Relieved cabin space with a high enough headroom will make you very comfortable in this car. Another advantage that this car has is its engine capability and high ground clearance. The suspension of this car is also very soft and comfortable to use in various road conditions. This car is also capable of carrying a large number of passengers, namely 15 people, suitable for tourism activities, accompanying grooms, pilgrimages and other family needs.


To support safety and security for passengers, Toyota Hiace is equipped with SRS Airbags for front passengers. Meanwhile, passengers at the rear are only given seat belts. In addition, this car is also equipped with a BS and TRC braking system so that it can provide more precise braking.

The design of the Toyota Hiace car is quite luxurious, this is evidenced by the seat formation in the cabin that is wide enough to move even though this seat has no sliding arrangement. For passenger storage, there is a side pocket for each passenger. The high roof of the car and the enough space for the seats, will make you quite comfortable while in this car.

On the engine side, this car uses a D-4D type engine with a cylinder capacity of 3,500 cc which can produce 102 PS of power and a maximum torque of 300 Nm. In terms of traction, this car has sufficient power to be used as a commuter vehicle because of its considerable strength.

While in the suspension section, this car uses Double Wishbone and Axle Beam suspension so that it can absorb shocks from the road quite well. The ground clearance of this car is also high enough so that it can easily bulldoze damaged roads and bumps without too big a shock.



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