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Rental mobil Mobilio Surabaya

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Rental mobil Mobilio Surabaya

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Rental Mobilio Surabaya

   Car rental for Honda Mobilio in Surabaya . Honda Mobilio cars are very sporty and cool. Mobilio with a capacity of 5 people or more. Get good service and the best price by renting a Honda Mobilio at the best car rental in Surabaya ” 357 Rent Car





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Here are some of the advantages of Honda Mobilio in Surabaya Car Rental :

Powerful engine performance
Honda Mobilio has a 1,500 cc L15Z1 engine that produces 118 hp. This machine is the newest 1,500 cc engine from Honda which is used in the 2014 generation Honda City. Although the power is 2 HP less than the Honda Jazz, this 2 HP reduction is a Honda engine management strategy to move power to the lower rotation so that fuel consumption is more efficient. .


The cabin is spacious and spacious

Although Honda Mobilio’s exterior has the lowest height compared to similar MPVs, it turns out that Honda Mobilio’s cabin is the most spacious compared to the MPV in its class. Honda maximizes the vehicle design to provide a spacious cabin without having to make a big impression on the exterior.


Sporty and cool
exterior design. Honda Mobilio’s exterior design is the sexiest among its competitors, from the front to the rear. Maybe you could say the model looks more like an estate or a very sporty station wagon.


Luggage Area The
trunk of this car is arguably the most extensive in its class, even though it exceeds the Kijang Innova. Honda also places jacks and toolkits hidden like the Kijang Innova without having to reduce luggage space.


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Rental Mobil Surabaya - Sewa Mobil Surabaya
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